Hi Everyone,

We’re so excited about Enjoy Summit 2019! This will be no ordinary gathering as it has been 20 years in the making.

This will be a time of celebration, as we remember all that God has done and the sacrifice and service of many. More importantly, this will be a time of positioning ourselves in the presence of God for a SUDDENLY moment in the gateway of heaven.

It really will be an amazing time for all who attend. Expectation is already gaining momentum, faith is in the air and planning is well underway. The Enjoy Family and our closest friends will be coming in to both celebrate and lay hold of this moment in God.

Pastor Glen Berteau and Pastor Mike Kai are not just speakers at Enjoy Church, but are truly spiritual family who have journeyed with us through the many wonderful years that make up the Enjoy story. Our hearts are truly expectant to how the Lord will speak to us through these incredible men and amazing friends.

Enjoy Summit is a 3 day event that changes the eternities of those who attend. I’d encourage you to register today! Register yourself, your family and even your friends. This Summit will be a game changer; SUDDENLY!

Love you lots,

Shane & Georgie Baxter
Senior Pastors - Enjoy Church